Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Guest House sessions

I went to the music session in the Guest House last night, the first night of Cask Ale Week, and decided to try the Allgates Jabba The Hop (4.3%) and then Allgates Planet of the Hops (4.4%). Apart from the wonderful Brightblade, I haven't been wild on some of the Allgates beers I've tried, but I enjoyed these two, which I gather are seasonal ales. Others were liking them as well, and the Jabba soon ran out. Allgates have won an award for their original pump clips, so here is one.

It was a good lively music session, and Gail came around with plates of chips, sausages and pies, always welcome after a couple of pints. There's usually a good atmosphere in the Guest House when the music session is going well. After all the folk music, I ended up singing "Won't Get Fooled Again" and "Teenager In Love", after which I definitely heard someone muttering the phrase "Trades Descriptions Act".

Tonight, the Southport Swords are dancing at the Guest House. Come along and support both your local pub and your local longsword and morris side.


  1. wish I could be there. Gail is a marvel, those chips and sausage rolls always appear at the right time. I had an Allgates there not so long ago, thing it was called Young Pretender. It was super hop and citrus, and I was very upset when it ran out

  2. Yes, I remember the Young Pretender being on. Don't worry ~ Lent will soon be over!

  3. Just a few more days. It's gone in a flash


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