Sunday, 29 November 2009

Dean Johnson live in Liverpool

Dean Johnson has been described as "the best songwriter in Liverpool today" by no less a person than Radio Merseyside's Spencer Leigh, who certainly knows a thing or two.  Dean hit the news recently when he was asked to complete a fragment of a George Harrison song, "Silence Is Its Own Reply."  His completed version of the song has been generally well received. I think it's excellent and I can't see the join between the two songwriters' words.  You can hear it on YouTube, and also (even better) live in Liverpool next Friday.

Dean will be appearing at the Liverpool Acoustic Blues Lounge, which is hosted by local blues duo, Blue C.  The gig is this Friday, 4th December (doors 8pm ~ music 8.30pm prompt) in the View Two Gallery (top floor), Mathew Street, Liverpool.  This is likely to be a popular event.  Enquiries:  0151 709 5484 or e-mail Blue C.

If you're unsure where Mathew Street is, click on the map below to see a larger printable version.


  1. Dean is my friend - thanks for plugging him. See you Friday?

  2. Thanks for calling by, Serena. Yes, I'll see you there.

  3. It's a small world - Serena is a friend of mine and is responsible for maintaining Dean's website at:

    I saw Dean when he was supporting The Orchestra in 2006 - a very talented guy who deserves wider recognition.

  4. Yes, I agree entirely about Dean, and yes, it's a small world!

  5. Well wasn't he good last night?! Really nice to meet you, hope the camera on the tripod didn't get in the way (videos came out great!) and you got home OK :)

  6. Yes, he was excellent; I don't understand why they weren't queueing to get in, which is what I expected. I do like the George Harrison song he completed. I got home all right, thanks, and it was nice to meet you too.


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