Thursday, 26 November 2009

Martin Carthy Sings "Sovay"

Video of this Sunday's Bothy Guest
As reported here on the 9th November, the legendary Martin Carthy is the guest at the Bothy Folk Club this Sunday, 29th November.  Here is a video from 1989 of him performing the traditional English song "Sovay" on Yorkshire TV accompanied by Dave Swarbrick, former demon fiddler with Fairport Convention.  The song is about Sovay cross-dressing and deceiving her boyfriend to test his devotion in a rather drastic way ~ an 18th century 'bunny boiler'.   Dave Swarbrick himself appears at the club on 2nd May 2010. 

Tickets £5 members & £8 non-members.  Enquiries: 
phone 0151 924 5078 or e-mail club organiser Clive Pownceby.

The Bothy meets every Sunday at the Park Golf Club, Park Road West, Southport (Thwaites real ale on sale). 
Postcode:  PR9 0JS.


  1. Top quality stuff!
    Just got back from seeing Malcolm Middleton - great!

  2. I've just listened to Malcolm Middleton's strangely cheerful Christmas song, "We're All Going To Die". Happy soul, isn't he?


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