Thursday, 10 March 2011

Extraterrestrial ale drinkers

Following my post on 27 February about the new Higsons being brewed by Liverpool Organic Brewery, I came across this Higsons beer mat. Higsons were well-known for their funny beer mats, with the Famous Old Higsonians series probably being best remembered, but I like this one from the Higsons dictionary, which combines my favourite beer of the past with my favourite TV show.


  1. I can't recall ever seeing that one before RedNev, it must be a real collector's item. I recently spotted a set of 6 Old Higsonians beermats on eBay for a fairly hefty price, even though they weren't the complete range - I seem to remember there being 12 in the full series?
    Anyway, I'm keeping my black Higsons ash tray safe, up on the plate shelf. It may be worth more than my Rolling Stones autographs with Brian Jones included!

  2. I think there were more than 12. Tandleman had a post about the Old Higsonians a while ago - click here to see it. Judging by the comments, quite a few people remember them.

  3. Yes, you're right as ever old chum. Maybe 20 or so in total? I think the original campaign was masterminded by Graham Davidson, Higsons Marketing Director at the time, - a good friend both to Jean and I and to CAMRA locally. We'd often meet him in the Copper Bar at the old BS Hotel, and he still lives in Blundellsands. A valuable ally to CAMRA back in the day, and if the original concept of the Higsonians was his (which I feel was the case) an inspired marketing man. They were so witty.

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