Thursday, 24 March 2011

Wigan Beers of the Festival - corrected

Wigan Beer Festival chooses two beers of the festival - one light and one dark.  This year's festival took place from 3 to 5 March, and here are the festival beers as chosen by the customers:
  • Light beer:  Blue Ball American IPA.
  • Dark beer:  Prospect Pickaxe.
Blue Ball is from Runcorn, and Prospect from Standish.

P.S. 25 March:  I've corrected the info above after receiving an e-mail saying I'd been misinformed about the light ale winner.  Dark Star American IPA, which I was told was the light ale winner, wasn't even at the festival!

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  1. was out there doing a beer talk and tasting during the festival but would have loved to visit the fest — looked a good one, enjoyed AllGates’ Mad Monk a great deal (maybe too much next morning…)


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