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Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Gaga about the prices

I'm finding it quite funny that fans of Lady Gaga are complaining that, while seats for the current set of dates on her tour cost £27.50 to £35, tickets for her new shows in May and June, which go on sale this week, will cost £50 to £75.  Some are even saying that Trading Standards should look into it. Why? Legally promoters can and will charge whatever they can get away with; you in turn are under no obligation to buy the tickets. That's the free market economy for you ~ glorifying (and overcharging for) the latest big splash. A boycott would be a highly effective weapon, but that's never going to happen.

Being involved in the amateur end of the music world, I know there is loads of great music of many varying types that you can listen to inexpensively or even free, so my sympathy is rather limited. But many people won't take anything seriously until it's been been hyped to death on TV, radio and in the gossip pages. Fair enough, if that's what you really want ~ but don't then whinge about the price of your celebrity fix. If anyone's interested, the link is here.

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