Monday, 15 March 2010

Legends fundraiser

Our band, the Lunchtime Legends, played our fundraising gig for Haiti on Friday night at the Park Golf Club. It was a great atmosphere, with people up dancing and waving their arms in the air for 'Hi Ho Silver Lining'. We raised a total of £207. Thanks to everyone who helped make the evening a success.

I ended up leaving my PA and my car at the venue until the next day after I'd had a few post-gig pints of Thwaites Bomber. Our next gig is in Whitby next August in the Elsinore ~ the pub where it all began in 1992.

P.S. (added 17 March):
Late donation ~ total now £213 + 28% Gift Aid = £273


  1. Nev, so sorry I couldn't, after all, be there to show support, and to enjoy the evening. My loss. Crappity crap bad health. Glad it went well though. I will make it to the Bothy or elsewhere to sing, one of these days, surely I will.

  2. Pity you couldn't make it, and I'm sorry about your health problems. As for singing, if not at the Bothy, perhaps one of the less formal pub sessions? Hope to see you soon.

  3. Hiya RedNev.

    I am a reader of your blog. I could not find a contact you email address on the site so I am resorting to commenting on a previous post.

    I run the music website and I have been contacted by a user and wondered if you could help. Here's what he says....

    [begin paste]
    I wonder if I can beg a favour, as I am trying to track down a blues band I used to go to see when I lived up on Merseyside.

    Many years ago, around 1981 I used to regularly go and see an acoustic blues guitar trio that went by the name of About Time. They played in one of the rooms at the Southport Art Centre, and despite having a very small following were incredibly good.

    I went off to college and remember hearing that they had split as one had gone off to Singapore?

    Anyway I had a couple of cassets they had produced (one called "In the Evening"), but over the years these finally wore out. I have tried searches but can find no trace of them, and would love to get hold of these recordings again.

    I have a vague recollection of one of the band mentioning that he had been in a more substantial band called Breakaway in the 70's, but this may be a miss memory?

    Do you have any recollection of this band or know who it might be worth me getting in touch with?

  4. Hello Ken. Yes, I recall About Time ~ the next line-up was called Breakdown (Breakaway being a song by 70s soft rockers Gallagher and Lyle). I'll reply to the contact address on your website.

    My e-mail address is on my 'welcome' page; I made it less obvious after spam started being a problem. Perhaps it's too obscure now!


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