Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Wigan Beer Festival

I returned from Wigan beer festival on Sunday evening. As usual, there was a great atmosphere, and even though the beer order had been increased by 25% after last year's festival (when the beer ran out at around 9pm), stocks only just lasted until closing time on Saturday night with the help of emergency supplies shipped in. Beer range and quality was good and, as last year, the beers were arranged with light beers on one bar and dark beers on the other, an arrangement which seemed to go down well with the punters once they'd realised.

For the first time ever, the festival was part of the Wigan Food and Drink Festival, which itself had booked big names such as Jilly Goolden and Antony Worrall Thompson (neither scheduled to appear at the beer festival though), but this an indication of the stature this festival now has in the community. 

On Sunday, we visited the Berkeley and the Boulevard in Wigan town centre, both good real ale pubs across the road from the railway station. As I left the the Berkeley, I saw the sun shining on the buildings opposite, as shown in the picture above. The sign is outside the Boulevard, and is almost identical to this blog's description.

If you weren't at Wigan beer festival, you missed a good do.

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