Monday, 23 June 2014

Are you a Two-Pot Screamer?

I've just read an article about Australian slang, which unfortunately is in decline, so I decided to see what drink-related phrases from Down Under I could find. Quite a few were similar to British phrases, such as 'shout' for 'round', but here is a selection of the most colourful:
  • Neck oil: beer.
  • Amber fluid: beer.
  • Skull: down your drink in one.
  • Counter lunch, or Countery: pub lunch.
  • Bottle-o: liquor shop.
  • Buck's night: stag party.
  • Tinny: can of beer.
  • Roadie: a beer bought to take away.
  • Two-pot screamer - someone who can't hold their drink. A pot is a half-pint glass.
  • Booze bus: police van used for random breath testing for alcohol.
  • Spiffed: drunk.
  • Chockers: drunk.
  • Gutful of piss: drunk, as in "he's got a gutful of piss".
  • Butcher: small glass of beer in South Australia (because a butcher can sneak off for a swift half while in work).
  • Schooie, or Schooey: a schooner of beer.
  • Longneck, or Tallie: a very large (750ml) bottle of beer.
  • Middy: 285 ml beer glass in New South Wales.
  • Turps: alcoholic drink (also turpentine).
  • Mouth like the bottom of a cocky's cage: a dry mouth, especially after drinking or smoking (a cocky is a cockatoo).
And finally:
  • Durry: tobacco, cigarette.
  • Chunder: vomit.
  • Liquid laugh: vomit.
It all tends to make "Fancy a pint?" seem quite bland, doesn't it?

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