Monday, 2 June 2014

Lytham IPA at the Sir Henry Segrave

I went to the Sir Henry Segrave last Saturday to meet my friend, Ann. It is a Wetherspoon house on Lord Street, Southport. I got us both pints of Lytham IPA. The strength is scarcely visible on the pump clip, as you can see, so I failed to notice it is 5.6%. That wouldn't have bothered me, but I'm fairly certain Ann would have gone for something lighter had we realised; however she liked the flavour, even if it did have more kick than anticipated. Very nice and well kept: the brewer describes it as "a pale bitter with good, fresh sweet & hoppy flavour leading to a long, dry finish".

We managed to get a window seat, as we usually do, and watched the world go by, at least that bit of the world that was walking down Lord Street at the time. After an hour or two, we decided to have something to eat. The burgers and chips come with a beer for £5.39, so I had a pint of the Lytham IPA with mine, while Ann had a Lytham British Pride (4.2%). I'm not sure there's anywhere else where you could get a decent pint of real ale and a reasonable meal for £5.39. The place was busy but it wasn't full of kids running wild or drooling pensioners, as disagreeably depicted by some Wetherspoons haters on beer blogs. The children who were there were well-behaved.

I like the Segrave. It's not my favourite pub, but it has its place and is worth a visit. All in all, we spent a very agreeable Saturday afternoon there.

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