Sunday, 29 June 2014

Dave & Boo - "wholly in tune musicians"

Dave and Boo performing at Hitchin
Dave Ellis & Boo Howard are making the third visit to the Bothy Folk Club on Sunday 6 July at 8.00pm.

"Their songs are intelligently constructed, elegantly articulated and never less than entertaining. The mix is eclectic (from folk to jazz to blues to bluegrass) but the songs are at the heart of it all, served by imaginative and stylish arrangements and by the singing and playing of two seasoned, wholly in tune musicians." Anonymous reviewer.

"You like your jazzy blues n' folk smooth and urbane? Come on in for these laconic vignettes of love, life and laundry with a modern sheen." Clive Pownceby.

Tickets on the door, or on-lineThe Bothy meets every Sunday at the Park Golf Club, Park Road West, Southport, PR9 0JS; it serves real Thwaites Wainwright.

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