Monday, 16 June 2014

Swords and Spoons

The Swords outside the
Arts Centre on Lord Street
I heard only last night that our local Longsword and Morris side, the Southport Swords, are out tomorrow evening (Tuesday). At 9.00pm they are appearing at the Willow Grove on Lord Street, Southport - that's our local Lloyds No 1 Bar. They are then moving on to the Sir Henry Segrave, our Wetherspooons pub, also on Lord Street. Good range of real ales in both, especially the latter.

Perhaps not the most extensive tour, but certainly economical. If you're around, why not come and watch? After all, there's only some football on the TV.


  1. morris dancing?

    damn right anti social if you ask me.

    Ban it.

    1. There's an old joke you might like:
      Q: Why do Morris dancers wear bells?
      A: So they can annoy blind people as well.


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