Thursday, 6 August 2009

Decriminalise Live Music

The music licensing laws are a ridiculous bureaucratic farce that could only have been dreamt up by someone whose idea of live music is karaoke in a trendy wine bar favoured by footballers ~ my idea of a hellish night out. We do not need costly, restrictive Licensing Act legislation to "combat disorder" at folk clubs, pubs, etc.

The LibDems have proposed a Live Music Bill, which will exempt venues with a capacity of less than 200 from music licensing, exempt performances by two musicians or less and ban the Form 696. The Bill has passed its first reading and will be debated later this year. Please support this Bill by signing the No 10 Petition ~ to do so, click here.

The petition reads: "We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to stop criminalising live music with the Licensing Act, and to support amendments backed by the Culture, Media and Sport Committee, and the music industry, which would exempt most small-scale performances in schools, hospitals, restaurants and licensed premises."


  1. There's a lot of weird shit happening on your island. I heard on the radio over here that your powers that be are going to start installing cameras in homes to monitor parents and children?? WTF??? Have you heard about this??

  2. Yes, there's some truth in this, I'm afraid. It's aimed at 20,000 of the most dysfunctional families, but I can't say I like the sound of it myself.


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