Saturday, 29 August 2009

The Elsinore, Whitby

This pub is where I have spent much of the last week (which was Whitby Folk Week) drinking Cameron's Strongarm, playing guitar and on Wednesday, launching our new CD, Daze. The other 2 real ales were Tetley's Bitter and John Smith's Cask~ I drank neither.

More details in another posting.


  1. No, I was there for the folk festival, which has been taking place in Whitby for around 3 decades longer than the Goth festivals. So, I'm not a Goth, but wouldn't mind going there during one of the Goth weekends to see their outfits and what takes place.

  2. These guys have folk influences. The violin on "Purity" is played by Ed Alleyne-Johnson, who is an amazing player.

    Video of Ed busking in Chester:


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