Wednesday, 19 August 2009

The Sir Henry Segrave

Now, that's better!
Last night I was in the Sir Henry Segrave, a Wetherspoon house on Lord Street, for the Southport CAMRA beer festival planning meeting. The pub is named after Sir Henry Segrave who, in 1926, raised the land-speed record to 152mph in his 33hp 4.5-litre Sunbeam Ladybird, on Southport’s Birkdale Sands.

Considering how unimpressed I was with this pub the last time I visited, I am pleased to report that it has been transformed by the new licensee who took over fairly recently. There were 12 real ales on, and I managed to get through six. I checked on the usual Wetherspoon trick of having the pump clips facing the customer whether or not the beer was on. It did not apply here ~ all the beers were actually on. In addition to the usual suspects (Pedigree, Abbott and Ruddles Best) there were beers from Saltaire, Titanic, Hawkshead, two from George Wright, two from Moorhouses, and two from Phoenix. All the ones I had were definitely in good nick. Too much choice!

It's a pleasure to withdraw my previous criticisms of this pub and state that it is now definitely well worth visiting.

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