Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Guest House Music Session

This was quite well attended as usual, with a mixture of drinkers/audience and musicians. It was good to see and hear Colin, a friend who is folk singer from Liverpool, and also Clare, a student in Liverpool, whom I didn't hear sing, which is a pity as she is a lovely singer of traditional songs. The evening is mostly traditional tunes performed on a variety of instruments, although I finished the night off with "Won't Get Fooled Again" on 12-string guitar, accompanied by Les on accordion.

There were nine beers on when I arrived, and I began with Davenports Heatwave, which I thought unremarkable. Micro-brewers have successfully developed the golden ale style in recent years, and there seems to be a tendency among other brewers to jump on the bandwagon by producing their own slightly insipid versions ~ missed opportunities, in my view. Guzzle from York Brewery was quite enjoyable, with more flavour than I expect from a 3.6% beer. The Allgates 5% Pale Ale was a pleasant surprise, as I'm not always keen on Allgates beers, but the Hopback Summer Lightning was better.

All the beers were as usual well-kept, so all in all a good night for music and beer.

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