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Sunday, 9 August 2009

Golden Sands at the Guest House

I went to the Guest House last night and saw the prize-winning Golden Sands was on. It is golden as the name suggests and quite a dry-tasting beer ~ definitely moreish. Word has got around about the beer's award at the Great British Beer Festival and it was disappearing quickly. I stuck with it all evening.

I received an e-mail today from Paul Bardsley, owner of Southport Brewery, asking me what he had won; he didn't know as he is New Zealand on holiday. Naturally I told him straight away and forwarded him a link to an article in the Southport Visiter about the award. The article also mentions the Lancashire Heroes off licence on Shakespeare Street run by brother John Bardsley and the new Inn Beer Shop on Lord Street run by another brother, Pete Bardsley. Quite an alcoholic dynasty.

Someone sent me a mistyped e-mail arranging to meet me in the Guest House, so my friend Pete has appropriately photoshopped the pub's sign.


  1. That sign (even with the photoshopping! heh) is beautiful!

    I didn't try that beer and now I wish I had. I wonder if I will find it anywhere in London?

  2. I agree about the sign; the Guest House itself is a lovely wood-panelled, multi-roomed pub which usually has up to 10 real ales on.

    Southport beers are generally on sale only in the Southport and West Lancs area, so I doubt you'd find them in London. It looks as though you'll just have to come to Merseyside!


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