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RedNev was my nickname when I joined CAMRA in the early 1980s, a joke about my politics implying I had a Russian name along the lines of Brezhnev.  I enjoy live music and real ale, and I often sing and play guitar in folk clubs and pubs, and occasionally with the Lunchtime Legends, a rock & roll band.  I'm a resident singer of the Bothy Folk Club in Southport, and I also appear on 18 albums (6 with the Legends, 12 various artists) - see my discography if you're interested.

In ReARM, I'll write about anything from the worlds of music and beer that catches my eye, and my Regular Music Events page lists live music events in real ale venues in the area that you won't usually hear about anywhere else. You can have a full social life of live music at very low cost - often free. I do know that not all local music is brilliant, but it's worth remembering that even the Beatles were just a local band at one time performing in and around Merseyside. I know quite a few people who saw them in those early days. (Not me, though - I'm too young!)

I've also provided a wide range of music and beer links, and also links to a few other blogs that I regularly look at myself. To make best use of these, why not add ReARM to your "favourites"?

You're welcome to add your comments to any of my posts; I'd prefer it if you identify yourself, either by your real name or your blogging name, but if you insist on being anonymous, go ahead: I simply ask that you don't do so as a cloak for attacks that you haven't got the nerve to put your name to. Spam is always deleted straight away, so why bother?

  1. I compile this guide voluntarily as a service to beer and music lovers but there will occasionally be inaccuracies for which I apologise, but I don't accept responsibility whatsoever for any costs, inconvenience or disappointment caused. You're best checking before you travel that an event will take place as reported here. 
  2. ReARM is an independent blog: it is completely unconnected to, and does not speak for, CAMRA, the Bothy Folk Club, or any other organisation or cause that I may belong to or support. 
ReARM was begun on 16 March 2009, and the stat counter installed on 1 September 2009.

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