Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Music session at the Guest House

Clutching my 12-string, I went last night to the Guest House for the monthly music session. First port of call was the bar. I ignored the Bombadier and Spitfire and tried the Allgates 50 Marks, a pale beer which I found pleasant enough but unremarkable; it was popular with others, though, and soon ran out. For me, Allgates attained a standard with Brightblade that their other beers don't quite reach, so I don't understand why Brightblade might be reduced to seasonal beer status. I then went on to Moorhouses Blond Witch and stuck with it all night. Blond Witch vanishes quickly in the Guest House.

The session was particularly busy, with more singers than usual ~ I'm often the only singer among all the musicians. Colin and Claire from Liverpool had rolled up for the night and sang for us, and as Claire is a student, her presence made a significant reduction in the average age. It was a good lively night, which inspired someone who just happened to have sat in the same room to give a song. The music was the better for not being entirely accordion-based, with a couple of violins and other string instruments added to the mix, along with a penny whistle; accordions are fine but can dominate en masse. Pub regulars sometimes refer to the motley collection of musicians as a band, not surprising as some of these musicians can join in with songs or tunes that they're not particular familiar with, but it's just a session for whoever happens to turn up.

Overall, a good night for music and beer.


  1. Congrats on starting the blog. Looks like it's going to be an essential one

  2. Thanks very much, SD, I hope so. It definitely isn't a rival to yours. Besides, I don't know where you get all your information from!


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