Wednesday 21 October 2009

Save Our Pubs!

I have recently learned about a residents action group who are fighting to preserve the Hesketh Arms at Standish from being demolished and turned into a Wainhomes housing estate. They have successfully delayed demolition for a few months whilst the English Heritage group investigates the history of the site. The residents have traced the property back to 1756 from a map, but they believe it is a lot older. Stories are that it is at least 400 years old, but it is hard to find evidence as the census only came in at the end of the 1700's. Part of their campaign is a petition, which you can sign if you agree with the sentiments.  Incredibly, Wainhomes' slogan is "Building Britain's Heritage."

Fighting for your local is becoming a trend. The Southport Drinker has told us about the campaign to save the Becconsall in Hesketh Bank, which was also reported in the Southport Visiter in August, with an update here in October. And Tyson's beer blog reported a successful purchase of a charming-looking local in Salford by a consortium of residents, showing that these campaigns can work.

Such campaigns prove that pubs are not seen by the public just as retail outlets, like your local Tesco or Asda, but more as focal points of the community. The pub owners are happy to rake in the money that a community local can make, but it just becomes a property asset when developers come knocking. Good luck to the campaigners in both Hesketh Bank and Standish, and well done those in Salford, who have proved that grass roots action can get results.


  1. I wasn't aware of The Becconsall's plight, as I don't read the Visiter regularly and haven't been in Hesketh Bank in years. This is just to flag up some fond memories of a lovely pub I used when I worked in the village 40 years ago. Old-fashioned I guess, but lovely woodwork, stained glass and cosy nooks and crannies in which one could drink Tetleys. Welcoming, friendly without being contrived - all the cliches you know and love but for real.
    Ahh, happy days. Saddened to learn that it has become another victim of the grand malaise but here's hoping something can be done.
    I'm off now to wallow in nostalgia!

  2. Let's hope the campaign gets somewhere. Then I'll go and have a drink there.


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