Friday, 1 April 2011

Drink-drive laws "kill jobs"?

Congressman Alan Hale from Montana, USA, has opposed laws on drink-driving (or DUI - driving under the influence) on the basis that they kill jobs in taverns and bars although, oddly enough, he doesn't mention funeral directors.  What does a little collateral damage matter as long as the good ol' boys can have their booze?  You can read the article here and see him in action in a 40-second video.  He is, unsurprisingly, a Republican.  As the article says, this isn't an April Fool joke!  Good comment underneath:  Someone needs to tell him his village called ... their idiot is missing.

P.S. Just to prove that not all American politicians are barking, here's an interesting article I've just come across about presidential home brewers.  I'd like to try the White House Honey Ale.

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