Friday 27 April 2012

Walker's beers are back!

The Lower Angel, Warrington
I’ve only just opened an e-mail about this mini-festival in Warrington, having been away in London all week. The Tipsy Angel brewery is celebrating its first anniversary with a beer festival this weekend.  Tipsy Angel has been working on the original beer recipes from the old Walkers of Warrington brewery, and these will be on sale at the festival. They are:

Angels Mild, based on Walker Dark Mild.
Angels Folly, based on Walkers Falstaff.
Birthday Angel, based on Walkers Extra Stout.

Added to these are two modern brews, Tawny Angel and Angelic Angel, plus 8 or 9 from other microbrewers in the Warrington area, giving you quite a gathering of local real ales in a town that is much improved in beer terms in recent years. The Tipsy Angel brewery is situated in the Lower Angel pub, Buttermarket Street in Warrington town centre. This pub was the venue of many a great night out when I was student at Padgate College - quite a while ago now - but in a town dominated by Greenall Whitley and Tetley, it was one of the few places where we could still get the old Walker's Bitter, even though it was badged as Tetley. I'm hoping to try these revived Walker's beers soon.

The festival began today and runs through to Sunday 29 April. Regrettably, I'm not able to go - another time, then.

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