Wednesday, 2 September 2015

IPA - Wagner or Gaugin?

It's good to see that Beer magazine, published quarterly by CAMRA, has made it into the prestigious columns of Private Eye number 1399, specifically into Pseuds Corner. Here is the text that has been so honoured:

"To my mind the English style IPA is deep, brawny, muscular, a baritone booming out, sparks flashing through the air amid the ringing of the hammer off the anvil. It's Wagnerian, compared to the bright citrusy, tropically fruity, Paul Gaugin luminescence of the IPA that a lot of brewers are currently making."

So, who was the writer? Step forward Adrian Tierney-Jones, secretary of the British Guild of Beer Writers, freelance contributor to various newspapers, magazines and journals, and author of the Called To The Bar blog.

Pity about the mixed metaphor.

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