Thursday, 10 March 2016

Drinkers ignore recommended limits (yawn!)

More tut-tutting from the anti-alcohol campaigners: apparently around 2.5 million people drink more than the new weekly recommend units of alcohol in a single day, according to the Office of National Statistics. I'm really quite surprised, astonished even, that this is news to anyone.

I can only conclude that the anti-alcoholics really do lead sheltered lives, because they don't realise why people consistently ignore their advice and drink over the recommended limits. Well, I'll tell them: hardly anyone believes in the units - I've certainly never met anyone who has told me that they take them seriously.

Although statistically you are 25% more likely to be knocked down when crossing the road than get cancer through drinking, these campaigners don't push for greater road safety for pedestrians, despite the greater risks and the fact that losing a loved one to a road accident would surely be as devastating as to illness.

They keep on using the term 'hard science', but as I explained here in January, there is little real science to justify the recommended units. The fact that the government pays Alcohol Concern, a supposedly independent charity, to lobby the - er - government is somewhat a dishonest and scandalous misuse of taxpayers' money.

What a tedious bunch they are!


  1. What struck me about this is why anyone should consider it remotely remarkable.

  2. What struck me was pride that drinkers in the North are holding out most against this nonsense.

  3. I agree, Matt: a stirring display of solidarity across the North.

  4. Nothing compared to the Welsh, though!

  5. The target for this sort of stuff isn't me or you, it's the kids, the people nor yet participating in the market.

    Thus the drinks market will go the way of smoking within 20 years.

    No offence but I doubt many of you will be affected by that. I suspect I will. That's a bit annoying. Might have to clean the homebrew kit festering in the attic.

    1. Good point there, CL. We're probably seen as lost causes.


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