Saturday, 21 May 2016

Rhyming With Orange in the George

Short notice, but I am one of the special guests mentioned on this flyer. The George is on the corner of Duke Street and Cemetery Road and has just reopened after a while. I've no idea whether there's real ale - soon find out! Should be fun anyway.

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  1. The support spot to Rhyming With Oranges in the George went really well. I got a request for one of my original songs from someone who'd seen me before - I've no idea where - so naturally I obliged. I was particularly pleased when a group of lovely young ladies told me how much they'd enjoyed my songs. And no: I didn't bribe them.

    Rhyming With Orange went down very well too: I expect they'll get a repeat booking, and deservedly so.

    There was one handpump serving Doom Bar, which was in good nick. They intend this to be a changing real ale.


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