Sunday, 18 September 2016

Cask Ale Week 2016

I've just discovered that it will soon be National Cask Ale Week 2016, described breathlessly as a "a nationwide celebration of cask ale!" Oh yeah? Looking at the website, I clicked on the 'What's On' link to find out what was happening where I live. Nearly all of the events listed in north Merseyside and West Lancs, and all of those in the Southport area, had these dates: 1/1/70 - 1/1/70. This is obviously the website's default date, but the failure to insert the correct dates makes the listings useless.

Cask Ale Week, backed by Cask Marque, has been running for a few years now, so they don't have much excuse for such oversights. It's a complete waste of time if they can't get the basics right - such as telling us when the events will occur.


  1. Thanks for highlighting the issue, we are on the case and will resolve it as soon as possible. Regards, Cask Ale Week team

  2. My observation is that every year this occurs. It provides copy for beer writers and interest from CAMRA types but goes largely unnoticed by the general population.

    Less successful that national sausage week or chip week. On a par with national pie week.

  3. Problem has been resolved, thanks again for highlighting it. Cask Ale Week team

    1. Thanks. I now feel a bit guilty for being rather scathing in my original post!


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