Monday, 9 January 2017

Scotch Piper to return

On 6 December I wrote about the fire at the Scotch Piper in Lydiate, the oldest pub in the area. The early indications were that, although the blaze was furious and took four hours to bring under control, the damage was mostly to the thatched roof. This has proved to be the case, and the roof structure and the building were saved.

A fire brigade spokesperson said: "The thatched roof is 100 per cent damaged by fire. The property is severely damaged by water from fire fighting." The police have ruled out foul play.

Scaffolding has been set up, and piles of new thatch have appeared, although it will be some time before the pub can reopen.

To find out more about this classic pub, please have a look at the post that I wrote in April 2016; this also appeared in the CAMRA column of our local paper, the Southport Visiter.


  1. This is very good news, although the damage caused by the water to put the roof blaze out could prove problematic. I hope very little of the interior has been destroyed, and I hope as much of the original fittings as possible can be saved to keep its NI status intact. A truly historic pub like this needs to be saved...

  2. Got to be frank about this but there is no way the socialist pub revolution can endorse Thatch. Not after what she did to the miners.

    Find an alternative to Thatch! Vegan Venezuelan Socialist roof tiles would be my preferred solution.

    1. Regrettably, vegan Venezuelan Socialist roof tiles weren't readily available in the 14th century, and we do want to maintain our (non-jingoistic and ethnically inclusive) English cultural authenticity, don't we?


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