Sunday 14 May 2017

Labouring the pint

It's encouraging to see one political party taking pubs and communities seriously. Labour's leaked manifesto includes plans to:
  • Set up a national pub review to investigate why they're closing.
  • Set up a task force to consider the sustainability of pubs in the long term.
  • Give greater protection to pubs.
  • Give communities a greater say in the future shape of town centres, which would obviously affect town centre pubs.
  • Switch business rates from RPI to CPI and providing a better appeals system.
  • Review the entire business rates system in the long term.
A review of business rates is long overdue, seeing that pubs pay 2.8% of the business rates levied, even though they account for a mere 0.5% of turnover.

According to the Morning Advertiser, the pub trade newspaper, these proposals are broadly welcomed by the Association of Licensed Multiple Retailers, the British Institute of Innkeeping and the British Beer & Pub Association.

It seems to me that some thought has gone into these suggestions. Most politicians that I've seen asked about pubs just waffle on about "foaming pints" in the "great British pub", or in John Major's case, "warm pints": we must make sure he never serves at a CAMRA beer festival.

Well, they've got to get themselves elected first, but if they manage that, let's hope these considered proposals don't lose their momentum.


  1. Haha, you've given me a good laugh on a Sunday morning. Labour couldn't give a shit about pubs. Whether this is sheer delusion or naked hypocrisy I wouldn't like to say.

  2. I fully expected your comment would be the first, although - surprisingly - it contains absolutely nothing to reply to.

  3. Personally I think Labour does mean it with Corbyn as leader he won't let anyone forget their promises.

    1. I tend to agree; he is definitely a different type of leader, to the extent that even his detractors and opponents accept he is sincere.

      Nice to see you back here, Meer. It's been a while.

  4. Jeremy Corbyn will be the best thing for Britains Pubs.

    We all know pubs are dying a slow death due to irrelevance. The bitter, pies and crisps old timers like doesn't do it for the kids. Pubs need a new purpose.

    Jezza will nationalize them, stopping evil capitalists. Then he will make them the go to venue for todays tee total vegan marxist. We will be able to enjoy every herbal tea imaginable and dine on the finest falafels.

    There'll be no dodgy banter. It'll be a feminist heaven of right on political discussion.

    Pubs will thrive with Jezza.

    1. That's a formula for such certain success that I'm perplexed as to why it has never been tried before.

  5. Completely off-topic comment removed.

    1. Oh dear, we're now removing comments we don't like, eh?

    2. Not at all. My comment form message states: "Comments, including disagreements, are welcome. Abuse and spam are not and will be deleted straight away." The warning has been there since March 2009.

      The comment I removed was abusive as well as completely off-topic. The comment of mine you removed from your blog was not abusive and was relevant to the topic - you simply didn't like it.

      Funnily enough, I fully expected you to come in on this one as well.


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