Sunday 31 May 2009

Paul Jones & Digby Fairweather

Southport Arts Centre Sunday 17th May 2009
Southport Arts Centre was the venue for a great concert of jazz and blues music featuring the talents of Digby Fairweather and his band, the Half Dozen. An apt description of this Digby is that he is a most affable of jazzmen and superb trumpet and cornet player, has been in the music business for over thirty years. This was to prove to be the truth as Digby and his band put together a wide ranging performance of jazz standards.

Added the mix was Paul Jones, who I guess is still best remembered for his vocals with Manfred Man and the Blues Band. Many will remember the late George Melly with whom Digby played for many years. Paul Jones has taken over from the great man with the same a real love for the music, plus a very wide range of musical styles, everything from Jimmy Witherspoon and Duke Ellington to his own self-penned music and of course hits from Manfred Man. Paul is also a great jazz/blues harmonica player.

Each member of the band was given plenty of space for solos and all played with great style and enthusiasm. It was a great concert and a fine start to what will no doubt be a great Southport Jazz Festival 2009

Words: Pete Rimmer....Photo © and courtesy of Barry Jones

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