Wednesday 10 June 2009

Folk Against Fascism

I have recently joined a FaceBook group called Folk Against Fascism. The group page states:

"The British National Party's manifesto encourages its members to insinuate themselves into the folk and traditional customs and events of Britain. This involves the appropriation of British folk music, customs and culture as a means of spreading their racist policies. They are selling traditional music through their Excalibur merchandising arm, despite the protestations of many of the artists included who find their policies abhorrent. The UK folk scene is a welcoming and inclusive one. Folk music and dance is about collaboration, participation, communication and respect."

I've checked the BNP website and they have issued folk albums which include tracks by Fairport Convention, Tir Na Nog, Ashley Hutchings, Albion Band, Magna Carta and Phil Beer & Paul Downes. I'd be amazed if any of these artists gave permission.

If you're on FaceBook, type "Folk Against Fascism" into the FaceBook search engine. There's also a thread on Mudcat and a page on MySpace, but I understand that the aim is to take this group beyond cyberspace in time. I've just been told T-shirts and badges will be coming soon.

No one who loves the folk scene, or even people who just enjoy folk occasionally, will want it hijacked by this deeply unpleasant party for their own nefarious ends, as happened to German folk traditions in the Nazi era.


  1. Which BNP policy do you most object to?

  2. I can't believe anyone has asked this question. The answer is: all their policies relating to race, which are the only policies they are serious about. Any other policies are just window dressing. BNP councillors are completely useless ~ their antics actually caused one BNP member to resign from the party in embarrassment. He said he was sick of reading about their stupidity in Private Eye.

  3. I don't know if you know this, but Nick Griffin's daughter fancies herself as a folk singer. I hope she never gets a gig at the Bothy.


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