Wednesday 4 November 2009


I don't really understand why the English love to mock their own traditions while showing reverence for those of other peoples. Morris dance is a case in point, even though when I see Morris sides out dancing, they usually attract quite a crowd. English folk song is often dismissed by the ignorant with jokes about "wack fol de rol" and other clichés, whereas Scottish and Irish music is usually treated with respect. There are actually quite a few people on the folk circuit who satirise the scene much more accurately and funnily than non-folkies: Sid Kipper and Les Barker are just two examples that prove folkies are not precious and have no problem in laughing at themselves. Not being a traditional performer myself by any stretch of the imagination means that I have no personal axe to grind, but I get just as bored as anyone with uninformed mickey taking.

As a contrast, I was surprised and pleased to find on You Tube a rendition of the beautiful English traditional folk song, Geordie, sung in English by a Chinese singer from Taiwan, Chyi Yu. Perhaps folk music, like the biblical prophet, hath no honour in its own country. I hope you enjoy this lovely song.

P.S. After the song ends, you'll be offered several other versions.  If you click on "Fabrizio De Andrè Geordie" or "Geordie - London Bridge", you will hear Fabrizio De Andrè sing the same song in Italian.


  1. Thanks for that.It's a beautiful version.She can really sing!

  2. I did wonder how on Earth she came across the song. My guess is most likely from a Joan Baez recording.


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