Friday 27 November 2009

Rock at the George

Local rock guitarist Mick Cooper is running another of his music nights next week at the George (corner of Cemetery Road and Duke Street).  His band will be playing, although I'm not sure under which name, as Mick plays with more than one line up.  There will be some opportunities for other singers in an open mike format.

The George is a friendly local pub, recently refurbished, although it doesn't sell real ale.  Still, the Guinness is well-kept.  It's on Thursday 3rd December from around 8 PM.

Mick says, "Anyone who wants to do a couple can just drop by, or for a longer spot can email me in advance."  Click here for his e-mail address.


  1. Give Mick, my best. He was a prince when ne and some mates wanted to start a band back at Maricourt

  2. Mick has read your comment and says thanks, and it's always great to see or hear from anyone from Maricourt who isn't a nun.


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