Thursday 24 December 2009

Boxing Day revels

The Southport Swords have been dancing every Boxing Day since time immoral ~ or the late 60s anyway.  This Boxing Day they will be dancing outside the Hesketh Arms in Churchtown at lunchtime and later in the afternoon at the Guest House in Union Street.  Timings with the Swords are always imprecise, so I can't be more specific.  There is usually a music session in the Guest House as well.  If you're at a loose end, why not go and watch them?  Have a pint, watch the dancing and clear away the Christmas Day cobwebs, and replace them with Boxing Day ones.  Both pubs serve real ale, with the Guest House regularly serving up to 10 cask beers,

Here is a minute-long video of the Swords dancing at the Hesketh on Boxing Day 2008.  For some reason this video begins sideways, and this is not a sword dance ~ they're using hankies in what I think is a Cotswold Morris dance, not that I'm an expert.  You'll see that that Father Christmas, his contract with Toys Я Us completed for another year, has decided to let his hair down and join the merry dance.


  1. Now that looks like fun!

  2. Someone said "Now that looks like
    just how sad can one get

    Real Briton

  3. Anon: I think your comment has just shown how sad you can get ~ mocking other people's pleasures. Actually, there was quite a crowd of Boxing Day drinkers watching the dancing at both pubs; presumably they're all sad too. They seemed quite happy to me.

  4. The cutaway to Carole in the John Motty suede full-length coat reminded me that I was the producer of the featured Southport Swords movie. No royalties required for reproduction, young Nev, but a pint at our next soiree wouldn't go amiss, ha ha!

    True indeed - another great spectacle this year, punctuated by happiness-inducing bouts of ale indulgence.

    Great work with the blog. Shame the geetar didn't make an experience on Christmas Eve at the Lakeside but you can't have it all...



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