Thursday 3 December 2009

The Fire and the Unicorn

I've just arrived home after the Mason's singaround session.  It was a bit thin on the ground, not just of singers but also of pub regulars, but we enjoyed it nonetheless.  It must be that everyone is saving their pennies for Christmas, plus the weather didn't help.  The pub's real fire was alight, giving a warm, comfortable glow, heating the place up much more effectively than any gas fire could, and the Robinson's Unicorn seemed to be especially on good form.  I noticed that Robinson's Dizzy Blonde was also on; I didn't try it on this occasion, but it's usually in good nick.  The Mason's is something of a back street gem in Southport, and there aren't many pubs left like it.

The next pub session is in the Guest House, Union Street, on Monday 7th December.  Bring your instruments, or just come and listen, and drink the 10 cask beers on offer.  Most importantly about these sessions, come and meet friends and enjoy yourself.  If we don't have fun, there's no point in doing it.  It's flattering sometimes when people ask if we get paid for singing in the pub, and they're usually surprised when we tell them we just do it for pleasure.  And, perhaps, free sandwiches...


  1. Many moons since I've been in the Masons... must give it a try again. However I will not set foot in the Guest House again despite many fond years of patronage in the early 2000's. Last time I was in the 'landlady' reprimanded me for uttering that terrible word 'bloody' whilst in conversation at the bar!!!
    There are many other fine establishments that offer equal (or better!) beer at a fairer price i.e. The Barons Bar. Yes, it is a hotel, but with regular and friendly clients & staff.
    Keep drinking the cask.
    Thanks, Mark

  2. Gail does like to curb potentially offensive language, although I'm surprised a word as mild as 'bloody' got a reaction.

    Yes, I like the Baron's but prefer the Guest House. Each to their own.

  3. Its about time they gave away a few pints as well !!!
    Pete Rimmer

  4. Well, that's always welcome on the rare occasion it happens!


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