Tuesday, 13 April 2010

MrsAckroyd band in Maghull

I meant to put this on a few days ago, but I forgot as I've had a house guest from London since last Thursday who's been dragging me screaming and kicking to the pub, both in Southport and Liverpool. The things you've got to put with. So, if you're reading this in London, Geoff, it's your fault it's late!

MrsAckroyd is a trio who sing and perform the comic/satirical poems of Les Barker, who no longer tours with them for health reasons, although he still does solo gigs. Chris Harvey is a first-rate musician, specialising in keyboards and accordion, while Hilary Spencer and Alison Younger both have excellent, but very different, singing voices.  All are prepared to be very silly to give full rein to Les's comic genius.  This gig was rearranged after being cancelled in January because the adverse weather conditions at the time. Mrs Ackroyd herself was a small, hairy mongrel that used to accompany Les on all his gigs, and who died quite a few years ago; you can find a picture of her here.

They're on at the Maghull Folk Club tonight.  The club meets at the Maghull Community Association, 604 Green Lane, Maghull, L31 2JH.  They don't do gigs around here very often, so you're unlikely to experience their musical mayhem locally for some time.


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