Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Holy Ale?

I bought this pint a couple of days ago in the Guest House in Southport and was surprised to see an ethereal figure forming in the head.  You often hear of people seeing the face of Jesus in a currant bun or in the damp on a church wall, or statues of Ganesh drinking milk, but I never thought something similar would happen to me. While I wondered how I could profit from this experience, I absent mindedly sipped the pint - and it was all gone, leaving only this photo to prove that my drinking had been divinely blessed.
I can't recall which beer it was.


  1. Blessings be upon you and of course it wouldn't have been practical to keep it anyway. You now as one with your apparition.

  2. Fantastic-- it looks like the ghost from Ringu, or Jesus popping & locking.

    Mike and I will be in the Liverpool area this weekend. Are you around Friday or Saturday? If you have time to meet up for a pint, let me know-- if you email me at allyshaw @ gmail . com I will send you my mobile.

  3. Impy: it's a pity you're coming to my neck of the woods when I'm not available. Enjoy your trip to Merseyside, and another time, I hope.

  4. If you ask me it's the barmaid leaving a T in your head to remind you to tip more liberally next time.

    And to make matters worse, she carved the letter with her little finger. The one from which that nagging verucca is being burned off next week...

  5. A long as she didn't use the toe with the corn plaster on, I'll survive.


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