Thursday, 14 October 2010

Steve Tilston in Southport

Singer, songwriter and guitarist Steve Tilston is the guest singer at the Bothy this Sunday. Already well-known to Bothy regulars, Steve has a longstanding friend of the club for many years and headlined at their 40th Birthday celebrations. Born in Liverpool but raised in Leicestershire, he writes intelligent songs and sings them well, accompanying them with what I regard as an impressive guitar style.  Two of his songs, "Slip Jigs and Reels" and "Naked Highwayman", were recorded by folk-rockers Fairport Convention, and his song "Here's To Tom Paine" was adopted as an anthem by the Tom Paine Society. It should be an excellent, and undoubtedly popular night, so get there early (or you can buy tickets on-line here).

The evening begins at 8.00 pm at the Bothy Folk Club, Park Golf Club, Park Road West, Southport, PR9 0JS. Thwaites real ale on sale.


  1. Steve is an outstanding performer, and has been described as "the songwriter's somgwiter". He is just that. I shall always be grateful to him for setting to music, and then recording, my lyric "Someone Else's War". This track can be found on the 2nd album of my poems and songs- "walking on Stones". Nev appears on the album as part of The Lunchtime Legends, performing "The Year 2000" Seems a bit dated now....

  2. That's why I rewrote it as a Christmas song: "It's Christmas time and the world needs to rock & roll".

  3. Funny that I was listening to Slipjigs and reels the other day (the Fairport version) - I didn't know he wrote it. (just a shame it neither a slip jig or a reel - I'd be impressed by somebody who could write a tune in 9/8 time)


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