Wednesday 31 August 2011

Freshfield to be a Hungry Horse

The Freshfield Hotel in Formby sells 10 real ales and a real cider, the best range of beer in Formby by far, and has regular music nights, such as open mike nights, the monthly Grateful Fred's roots and acoustic club and a monthly jazz night.  I am consequently rather concerned to hear that the owners Greene King are going to turn it into a Hungry Horse pub.  A look at the website shows that Hungry Horse is all about food:  the only reference to beer on the entire site is: "Our pubs are known for high quality, big value food, a choice of beers, ales and drinks to suit all tastes."  Notice that even in that one sentence, food is mentioned first.

The function room will probably be converted to a restaurant, which will force out all the music nights and I can't see them retaining the great range of beers, because that is not what this chain is about.  I tried to look on the pub's own website, but it seems to have been taken down.

I hope I'm wrong, but I doubt it ~ it will be a shame to lose such a great real ale and music venue.  I'll let you know if I hear anything new.


  1. John Owen's weekly Folk Club - in fact called The Hungry Horse on the Wirral at the former Rake Hall in Little Stanney was recently, reading between the lines, 'forced out' of its venue as the club room was needed for an expansion in the numbers of diners. Here too was a successful music club that had operated for some years. They've now relocated to a Sports and Social club (ring any bells Bothy-goers?!) and John is putting a brave face on things but I share RN's concerns.
    This has to be bad news for the 'Freshie' and I don't mind being quoted thus.

  2. I've just heard from Colin, who runs Grafeful Fred's, that he will probably move GF to the RAFA Club by Freshfield Station.

  3. Good old Green King or as its better know down South Greedy King.

  4. Just heard about the vandalism to be perpetrated on the Freshy. I like the "Greedy King "reference. Can nothing be done to stop this. We already had a similar thing with the Bay Horse which lost it's traditional Bar. The Freshy is even more of a loss as it regularly hosts Guitar nights ,Gigs,Comedy and Jazz evenings and much much more. This is a facility lost to the community which cannot be replaced



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