Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Roy Bailey in Liverpool

Roy Bailey (right) with Tony Benn
Veteran socialist folk singer Roy Bailey is appearing in Liverpool on Saturday 10 September at Radical Liverpool.  Colin Irwin from Mojo magazine said Roy represents "the very soul of folk's working class ideals ... a triumphal homage to the grass roots folk scene as a radical alternative to the mainstream music industry."  As if to illustrate this, Roy has performed in shows with Tony Benn, with Roy singing and Tony speaking.  Roy doesn't just perform political anthems; his music tends to be more thoughtful and varied, not always obviously political, and often humorous.  His stage presence is self-effacing, not preachy.  I have seen him many times and have always been impressed not only by his integrity and commitment, but also by the fact that his performances are entertaining and enjoyable as well.

He will be at Studio 2 of the Parr Street Studios, 33-35 Parr Street, Liverpool, L1 4JN.  Doors at 7.00 pm.  Ticket are £9, available here, or £10 on the door.  Support is by Our Morals, the house band, and The Trestles, a local band.  Radical Liverpool is a new music venue in the city that will meet on the second Saturday of each month.


  1. Umm. Roy Bailey (right) with Tony Benn I rather think.

  2. Totally agree RN. It's my pleasure to intro. Roy this coming weekend at Fylde (Fleetwood) Festival. I also never have to ask him if he'd like to play in Southport again - he always asks me if he can come back!
    A word or two on behalf of The Trestles too. I have a recording of theirs from 2009 and it's always amazed me that such a hard-working outfit doesn't enjoy a higher profile, whilst Lee Mavers for example (cats amongst pigeons there!?) can seemingly do no wrong on the strength of one good single and a halfway decent album made over 20 years ago!

  3. Thanks, Tandleman ~ corrected. How embarrassing for a Leftie to get left and right muddled up!

  4. Yes also heard good reports on Trestles but never seen them myself.
    Any real ale on at the new venue ?

  5. I've been told there is no real ale at this venue, but I don't know any more than that.


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