Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Bye bye Blue Bell

In August last year, I wrote about the Blue Bell in Barton near Ormskirk that it had "recently been redecorated and was selling George Wright Nectar and Black Sheep Bitter when we visited. They generally like to have a George Wright beer on sale."  On earlier visits, it had been selling a house beer called Blue Bell, brewed for them by George Wright.  The pub never seemed to have many customers in, and in February this year I wrote that it had unexpectedly closed.  I noticed that it remained closed every time I drove past and was looking increasingly neglected. 

Earlier this month planning permission was granted to convert it into houses; this had been applied for in November last year.  As they had advertised in our local CAMRA magazine, Ale & Hearty, as recently as Autumn last year, I can only assume the advert was a last ditch attempt to keep the pub afloat, as you wouldn't advertise if you were intending to close down your business.

The pub was on the main road from Liverpool and Maghull to Southport, and so will have been passed daily by thousands of commuters, but it wasn't surrounded by many houses.  Another victim of the current recession.


  1. Smoking ban strikes again. When will you CAMRA types learn?

  2. So you're familiar with the details of just why this particular business failed, are you, Anon? Or are you just trotting out your own single-minded preconceptions yet again? When will you smoking ban obsessives learn that there's a recession on? That people are losing their jobs or suffering wage freezes/cuts and can't afford to go out as much? That beer tax is going up more than inflation? That inflation is going up more than incomes? That predatory pubcos are squeezing licensees until they go bust?

    No, in your simple little world, it's all because of the smoking ban. I seriously advise you to follow the news; you'll find out there's a whole world you know nothing about beyond the end of your cigarette.

  3. This is just so sad - I have many happy memories of good times there in years past, both as a smoker and a 'giver-up.' Nev is right - the economics both local and global go far beyond tobacco. That initial comment is just too risible to be taken seriously.
    'Anonymous' indeed!


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