Monday, 9 January 2012

Blog rankings ~ can't make any sense of them

In December 2010, ReARM sprang into the top 100 beer and wine blogs at 60, which I was pleased about at the time.  After that there was a slow decline in this blog's position until a few months ago when it ended at around 103.  There was a brief rally to 97, followed by dropping out of the top 100 again.  So I decided to stop looking - until I looked again, of course, when I was amazed to see it's leapt back in at 55, the highest position ever. 

Frankly, I can't make any sense of these rankings.  They're not based on the number of hits, because in 2011 I had nearly double the number than in 2010, yet my position in the top 100 declined throughout the year.  No doubt history will repeat itself and ReARM will slide down the charts again during the course of this year.  If you want to follow my position, it's given on the badge at the bottom of the column on the right, and it changes monthly.  To see the whole top 100 blogs, click here or on that badge.  Some of them are worth your time; there's a couple I don't like, but I'm not saying which.


  1. As you say, the rankings aren't based on hits but on influence (supposedly). So if a high rank blogger mentions your blog in a link it will rise up the rankings. This means that a few influental bloggers will keep quoting each other thereby protecting their positions. So place a link to a few bloggers and get them to do the same back and in theory they will all rise up the rankings.

  2. I think twitter may have something to do with ranking as some bloggers make a point of always tweeting twice when they have a new blog post.

  3. I remember reading a year or two ago about Twitter becoming part of it, and as I'm not on Twitter, I can't benefit from it.

  4. I think it's based on the old fashioned way of recording website rankings - incoming links from other blogs.

    The problem is that a lot of links and traffic are generated from Twitter/Facebook/etc. and Google searches which won't register.

    I keep an eye on my website stats and I know that the 'top posts' that Wikio are saying seem to be randomly selected.

    I've given up on it, remove it from my website and couldn't give two hoots if I'm in the list or not (this was after a few weeks of crying due to sliding out of the top 20...)


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