Tuesday 28 February 2012

CAMRA magazine and new branch name

It was the CAMRA AGM last Wednesday, held in the Southport and Birkdale Cricket Club.  Regrettably, the Thwaites real ale was distinctly under par, so I was glad I'd decided to drive:  it wouldn't have been worth making the awkward bus journey from where I live.

It was agreed that I should continue editing our local CAMRA magazine, Ale & Hearty, and everyone seemed encouraged that the Spring issue is now at the printers, seeing that the last two had fallen through, which I've written about previously.  To complete this issue, I had worked on it from Tuesday afternoon through the night until Wednesday evening with a couple of breaks.  I was knackered, but at least I got it finished.

The piece of news at the AGM that I welcomed concerned the Branch's name.  The old West Lancs Branch has renamed itself Central Lancs, and because we have taken on much of West Lancs over the years, we are now Southport & West Lancs Branch instead of Southport and District.  I'm also hoping it means that our existing West Lancs members and pubs feel better represented, especially as the new name will appear on Ale & Hearty from now on.  What's in a name?  They can be quite important, in my view.

Now all I need to think about is the summer edition.


  1. Is a pdf on t'internet?

    I'm a fan of CAMRA branch mags and enjoy showing them to RAT readers. I'm not stepping in a pub to read it and paying pub prices.

  2. Glad to hear it will continue, and yes please, any link to a PDF is always welcome...

  3. I'm going to ask the printers about a PDF, and I'll let you know.

  4. Good stuff Nev. I'm working on our latest More Beer at present. It is a bigger job than people think. Agree your Branch name change makes sense.

  5. Young Nev, I've always been a huge fan of your stoical support of the CAMRA gang and delighted your unwaivering commitment to the rag has paid off.

    It's also good to see Cookie having one on about a PDF - fingers crossed the printers come good on that. If not, find a new printer!

  6. PDF version now available - click the Ale & Hearty link in the 'Find It Here' section on the right. Thanks to Dave Thackeray in reorganising the printer's pairs into proper page order.


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