Saturday, 18 February 2012

Music at the Mount Pleasant

I have been reminded by Jo, who runs the Mount Pleasant in Southport, that they have live bands every Saturday.  I have reported on these before, but inconsistently; I'll try to do better.  The Mount is a large suburban pub with a nice little conservatory to the side, a separate bar, and a function rooms upstairs where I have been to a few music nights, performing myself occasionally.

The pub used to be run by Matthew Brown, a Backburn brewery that was taken over by Scottish and Newcastle in 1987.  I remember walking into the Mount one evening when the conservatory was being officially opened to be presented with a glass of wine by the brewery beauty queen, Miss Matthew Brown, who was well deserving of her title.  A bit later I wandered on to the Guest House where I was given a free pint to celebrate the pub's redecoration, although after that my run of free booze ran out.  Matthew Brown beers were called Lion Ales, named after the brewery, and the old Lion Ales windows are still there.

Tonight the band is the Re-sessions, who will be playing downstairs from 9.00 p.m.  The Mount serves real Tetley Bitter. Join 'em.

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