Wednesday 2 May 2012

Everyman Folk Fly Again

The Everyman Folk Club, which moved to the Fly In The Loaf after the Everyman Theatre closed for major rebuilding, has flown again, this time to OSQA’s Arena Bar, which is on the corner of Oldham Street and Roscoe Street, Liverpool 1, close to the Dispensary and the Roscoe Head pubs.

This seems a rather strange venue, consisting as it does of function rooms more suitable for wedding, retirement and birthday parties, rather than folk nights. Needless to day, there isn't any real ale there, so it's unlikely I'd want to visit.  Or if I did, I'd be drawn to the two excellent pubs nearby.

Why did they move from the Fly, which does have a good range of real ales? I don't know, but I can guess that they probably weren't spending much. Some people go to folk nights nowadays and buy only one drink, perhaps a soda water or a J20, and make that last all night. I've seen some people not buy anything at all, which is a bit naughty when you consider that the organisers usually pay nothing for the use of the room, and the bar might reasonably expect some return. It wouldn't surprise me if the pub had decided that the bar sales weren't worth the investment in electricity, heating and staff time cleaning the room afterwards.

However, that's enough speculation: this has always been a popular folk night, presented by Hughie Jones of the Spinners and attracting many from the Liverpool folk scene; if, like an increasing number of folkies nowadays, real ale isn't important to you, give it a go. It's on every Wednesday from 8.30 p.m.


  1. Thanks for the heads up on this. When I'm in Liverpool, my dad and I go to the Derby Arms at Aughton (a good real ale bar, as you know) for the singaround there, so I hadn't actually been to the Everyman folk club since it moved to Fly in the Loaf. Surprised to hear they've moved again. Yes, I have noticed this tendency for a lot of singers hardly to buy any drinks - indeed, my own frequent trips to the bar seem to arise some suspicion!

  2. Mine too - although not at present, as I'm still on tablets.

  3. Everytime someone mentions folk music I think of Trevor & Simon's "swing your pants".


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