Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Southport Jazz Festival - real ale venues

This weekend is the Southport International Jazz Festival and, as usual, there are lots of events, many of them free, but only a few are in real ale venues. In some cases, such as hotels, the real ale may be in a different bar from the music. Here are the real ale venues that are putting on jazz events:

Friday 11 May 2012
Red Stripe Band, 8.00pm, The Bold Hotel - £13.00
Sueyo, 7.30pm, S&B Sports Club - £25.00 (tickets only available through venue)

Saturday 12 May 2012
La Tintos Bros, 8.00pm, The Bold Hotel - £10.00
Nova Scotia Jazz Band, 9.00pm, The Coronation - Free
EVE, 9.00pm, The Phoenix - Free

Sunday 13 May 2012
Modjango, 2.30pm, The Inn Beer Shop - Free

For details of the whole festival, click here.

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