Sunday, 9 December 2012

Sorry, stats again!

I didn't intend to come back to this topic so soon, having discussed it last month when I said that "the number of hits I received in October was helped partly by all the information I published about the Southport Beer Festival, so no doubt I'll get fewer hits this month now that's over. Perhaps I'll have a corresponding jump in the [beer] blog rankings."

Well, the number of hits has dropped as expected, although not down to its previous level (thanks folks!), but my tongue in cheek suggestion I'll jump in the blog rankings has, to my surprise, actually come about: up 26 places to 38, the highest position ever. Yet again I can't make any sense of it, and in the up-down nature of these things, I'm not holding my breath I'll stay there.

Still, it's nice to see that figure on the blog (bottom of right hand column), if only fleetingly. If you'd like to look at who else is in the beer blog Hot 100, click here.

P.S. Looking at the statcounter to see where the visits to the blog are coming from, I was surprised to see that only 65.4% are from the UK (it's usually around 90%), with 13.4% from the USA and 5.6% from Finland, although it likely that some of the Finnish ones might be accounted for by Harri, the real ale hunter from Finland whom I met at the beer festival.


  1. I'm hot on your heels-only 1 behind you:)

  2. Not looking as I know I won't be there. :)

    I like the Dr Who theme though.

  3. Tandleman: I'll probably be back down there myself next time. As you get many more hits than I do, your ranking is bizarre, and proves the point I was trying to make.

    Meer: thanks, I'm glad you like the header. I do like ringing the changes.

  4. Tyson: I'm sure you'll be in front of me again next time.

  5. By the way did you get my festival photos?



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