Monday 4 February 2013

Blanket Apology for the Blundell

Local guitarist and band leader Mick Cooper tells me that his bands, Shot In The Dark and Blanket Apology, are playing in the Blundell Arms this Friday 8 February, and again on Friday 22nd. They're one down this week because of availability problems, but I am told it's the full complement on the 22nd. Canadian duo April Moon are also down to do a spot this Friday and I'll be there to do a few on both occasions as well.

The Blundell has recently gained new management who are keen to present live music. It's had a chequered history in recent years, garnering something of an unfavourable reputation, but if they're putting live music on, it's a distinct sign that the new management want to turn things around. Perhaps even real ale next ~ who knows? It used to serve real ale, but about ten years ago they took it out, stacked the shelves with lager and alcopops, filled the rooms with pool tables, and then wondered where all the locals had gone. What a mystery! But that was then. Nowadays, it's even got its own Facebook page, so they are clearly trying.

This is now: live music this Friday, 8.30pm onwards at the Blundell Arms, Upper Aughton Road, Birkdale.

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