Friday 6 December 2013

Nanny gets ready for Christmas

Often known to happen after drink
Now that it’s nearly Christmas, the West Lancashire Community Safety Partnership has issued the ritual Christmas warning about the horrors of drinking. Apparently, you might:
  • Be ill.
  • Become a victim of crime.
  • Have an accident.
  • Get into a fight.
  • End up in casualty.
  • Lose your friends and possessions.
  • Accidentally set your home alight.
They then go on to warn about the perils of preloading - which they acknowledge many people do for cost reasons - as it often results in people drinking too much before hitting the town. Good idea; I must try it some time.

But they do also say: “We are not trying to stop people having fun and we really want everyone to have a good time at Christmas.” So not all doom and gloom then.

It’s interesting that they mention cost as a reason for preloading, seeing that groups like them usually claim that alcohol is far too cheap in this country. And if drinkers are finding alcohol in pubs and clubs too dear, it’s partly because anti-alcohol groups have campaigned for higher prices. Some mixed messages there, I think, or more likely, muddled thinking.

There are two comments beneath the article: one says “nanny state” and the other “Why doesn't the West Lancashire Community Safety team get a frigging life and stop patronising me!!” Good question.

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  1. Groups like this never seem to present attractive alternatives to alcoholic celebrations of Christmas. It would be interesting to see what they suggest...perhaps a tea dance - or a Whist Drive?


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