Thursday, 11 August 2016

So that's what they do with my subs!

Why has CAMRA commissioned a YouGov survey asking which politician we'd most trust to run a local pub? Under the headline "Pint of the usual, Boris!", they have issued a press release declaring:

"The former Mayor of London and now Foreign Secretary would be most trusted to pull pints and lend a sympathetic ear across the bar, according to figures released at [CAMRA's] Great British Beer Festival, running all this week at Olympia London.

"More than one in five (22 per cent) of those surveyed by YouGov on behalf of CAMRA said they'd trust Johnson to run their local pub."

A closer look at that the figures can produce rather different interpretations:
  • 78% did not opt for Boris Johnson, or
  • 32% opted for no politician, and 22% (the same percentage that Johnson got) said they didn't know, which totals 54%. A more accurate headline would have been: "Most drinkers don't trust any politician to run a pub". 
  • Jeremy Corbyn, who says he drinks " very, very little", is ranked much higher than Owen Smith (drinking habits unknown). 
You could regard this poll as merely a bit of harmless fun, or a pointless waste of money. Take your pick.

You can see the full results of the poll here.


  1. It does seem a bizarre thing to ask people about, but I’d certainly rather Boris were running a pub rather than being Foreign Secretary.

    1. Good point, as long as it's not my local.

  2. A totally pointless exercise, and a scandalous waste of member’s time and money. Which idiot at St Albans thought this one up?

  3. Is it possible to identify the CAMRA bright spark who came up with this idea and ask how much it cost, and what possible purpose it would serve!


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