Monday, 24 April 2017

Lion song session moves

The Lion Tavern, Moorfields, Liverpool
From May, my acoustic song session, aka singaround, in the Lion Tavern will move from the second Thursday of the month to the second Tuesday. This is because something similar takes place every Thursday afternoon in the Belevedere in Liverpool, and one or two people have commented to me that they'd prefer the two sessions to be on different days.

No sooner said than done. Well, not quite, as people have been saying this for years, but Tuesdays weren't available until the new management took over the pub fairly recently.

The next session is therefore on Tuesday 9 May, beginning at around 8.30 pm. All welcome, including non-performers. The Lion has eight real ales and a real cider.


  1. Will we see you at the Belvedere, Nev? I say 'we' - being in Manchester I'm a fairly infrequent visitor, but it's very much my home from home (sing from sing?).

    1. I may do, now that it won't be on the same day as the Lion singaround, but as I'm not a traditional singer, I'm not sure I'd fit in, judging by the song lists Colin Batho publishes on Facebook after each session.

    2. There's usually a fair amount of non-traditional stuff; some of it's even accompanied!

    3. Okay, I'll definitely be there at some point, but not yet sure when.


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